Migration To Docker

Migration to docker instance completed.

Original setup:

  • Host apache2
  • Host mysql

New Setup:

  • docker reverse-proxy-nginx
  • docker letsencrypt proxy
  • docker wordpress

New setup allows me to host multiple websites in containerized formats.

Allows for volume backup and management for cross site support.

Will write new post to show how to make it happen, as guides are… Lackluster


Had some fun playing with Superpermutations.

Code: <LINK>

So, superpermutation are interesting and useful. This is the first step in an idea, but I wonder if I can create a superpermutation for passwords of length N. Then use that in a rolling key system for hash cracking.

Theoretically, it would be smaller then a rainbow table, and ALOT easier to do multi system, hashing and threading on.