EZ game IO (USB to button)

When working at M&M leasing, one of the biggest challenges we faced was wiring harnesses.

  1. Cutting and crimping wires for days at a time to manually make harnesses sucks dick.
  2. Manual creation is tome consuming.
  3. Building hardware to make harnesses is expensive for low production runs.
  4. They are easy to damage, expensive to replace/repair.
  5. Building a supply chain for a custom harness is expensive especially in early development and prototyping.

The sad bit is, there is already existing harnesses for well known boards.

And most of the time the are CHEAP!

But when interfacing with new PC based games and arcades we need a new harness right? WRONG! why re-invent the wheel.

BAM. 28 pin connector with Serial IN/out Plugs for printers and touchscreens. Relays for credit clicking,and button to key functions.

For older games without interlocks its a drop in solution. Follows standard POG pin out for most things, just skips the video out.

2 USB A to B connectors to and from the PC board to the unit

  1. Convert button presses and touches to keyboard / mouse inputs
  2. USB to serial allows programming of keys and buttons using software.

Printers can be connected directly to the PC board, or connected though a serial connection on the IO board itself.

Power supplied to this IO board can be connected to the POG harness to power the PC.

Pass though for the PC audio out to POG standard 8 OHM speaker.

If using serial touch screens, converts the inputs to standard mouse clicks.

Really useful for RetroArch, Emulation Station and other arcade game projects.

Made it to replace IO boards for expensive Platinum Touch 3‘s kits . There IO board is expensive and spending an hour to swap cabinet harnesses is stupid. Also, screw down terminals? Not Pheonix blocks? Come on man.


I don’t have time for this anymore. I want to finish it, but working on projects does not put food on the table. I have a semi-working prototype. prob just sell the whole thing. If the right place buys it they can make a decent profit off it by finishing its development and selling it to home arcade builders / game rooms.

Inquiries: deathmock@gmail.com