Based loosely on MITO by hellochar but using my game engine.


  • Dirt        “Basic block, can hold water, Contains Nutrients”
  • Tissue        “Base class of all plant materials. Can move bits around.”
  • Root        “Each function moves 1 water into tissue blocks at a rate of efficency” When grown, converts a dirt block into Nutrients.
  • Leaf        “Consumes water to create Sugar at a rate of sunlight”
  • Tuber        “Turn 10 sugar into 1 starch”
  • Stroma        “Stores large amounts of starch and turns it into energy. Spreading it far.”
  • Fruit        “Must be filled with 100x Nutrients to be considered a Seed”
  • Stone        “Unbreakable”
  • Water        “Creates water at a rate of 1 per tick.”


  • Water
  • Sugar        “Can be consumed for energy”
  • Nutrients used for fruits
  • Starch <-> 10 Sugar

Possible additions:

At the end of the season, if the plant lives, Fruits with 100 Nutrients in them are considered seeds.

Next season, using a Viability metric, x seeds are lost, and rest may be used to spend on upgrade points.


Chloriphil bonus.        “Increases speed that leaves make water into sugar”

Transport bonus:        “Increases how fast items are moved around in the plant.”

Root Bonus:                        “Gain occasional extra water.”

Fruit Strength                “Increases viability of plant, allowing for more upgrade points.”

Stroma Bonus:                “Increases range of stroma energy spread”

Season Bonus:                “Increase length of growing season for a plant. Upto 3”

Natural Events:

Fruit Eaten by animal (Destory one fruit block, But spawn a “Ritch Soil” Somewhere near surface on map.

Dry Spell (No rain)

Fire (Destroy all Above ground plant)

Bugs (Steals energy from plant.)

Cultivated (“Smaller map, like a plant pot, limited nutrients and reduced sunlight.”)

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