Short Stack Net (SSN)

A collection of utilities meant to improve Info-sec.

Goal of project was to create a service that can search for leaked PII or Passwords of new and existing users on a platform providing automated Blue team OPSec/InfoSec via checking users passwords, usernames, exposure and security across there entire internet.


Searches the internet for leaked passwords of your users, and if it finds duplicates/similar on your platform, disables there access until they change it.

Checks for answers to common password recovery methods and prevents usage.

Gathers information of users digital footprint and exposure.

Helps blue team members search for possible threat entry vectors.


(M)odular, (I)nformation, (D)ata, and (N)ews, (A)ccumulator

Back end web service driven by plugins that collects information from public sources. (IE: Facebook, Twitter, Pastebin, ext) processing the information and adding to LULU.

Similar to “Sherlock” but expands on the premise.


(L)eak (U)nification and (L)ink (U)tility

Data storage container, provides Restfull API access to underlying database as well as methods to aggregate that data.


(S)ystem for (U)nifying (M)anagment, (O)bservation and (M)onitoring of (O)perations

GUI that allows access and searching of data gathered through MIDNA. As well as checking of the status of network itself.