Cheap Low-Cost Low-Maintenance Housing


3 levels tall with one basement Based on “tatami” mat layout with floors and walls being made of reinforced aircrete blocks.

Grey is carpeted and yellow is hard floor

Decks are stacked onto one another, with a roof covering the top level one,

Roofing is flat at a 2% grade leaned toward the equator

Topped with solar panels.

Decks have a fire escape.

Bottom Level has a stairway leading down to the basement.

Bathroom holds closet containing hot water heater and access to Sewage line.

Deck has a removable railing facing out, for robot access


Framed with Steel Beams 1′ x 1′ welded together, Four corners then each level is “Trussed” with I Beams for flooring.

Walls contain Air Crete panels held in place by welded L brackets on both sides.

Inside of wall is 2″ Polyurethane foam filled, then finished with drywall covering.

Outside is 3″ Polyurethane foam Coated then finished with siding.

Electrical conduit is 1 1/2″ PVC passed through the Panels to outside allowing easy servicing. Each room besides bathroom has 2 electrical hookups. One on each outfacing wall.

Electrical Panel is located outside on Deck near fire escape.

Bathroom has single GFI Breaker.

Wall Panels


Panels Measure 8′ x 4′ x 6″

Are made of a 80-20 Mix of Portland cement to Foam.

Reinforced with 2 metal meshes laid at 45* angles to each other.

Floor Panels

Think Tatami Mats, but more carpet.


Housing is designed to be Pieced together with robots.

Smaller robots are used for cleaning and prepping apartment for new tenants.

Insides of apartments are designed to be completely strippable without damaging other units.

Bots include:

  • Inspection
  • Nail Removal and hole patching
  • Floor Vacuum
  • Floor Deep sanitizer
  • Wall Painter


Heating ventilation and cooling, Electrical, Service, And Water

Units share access to Basement located HVAC unit that uses water based cooling and heating systems.

Swap cooler styled AC and Solar panel based heating.

Top Left House support Is For Service Access {Phone, internet, ext}

Top Right is for access to Potable water supply

Bottom Right is access for HVAC systems.

Bottom Left is access for electrical

South facing wall on bottom left side is designated for all service meters.


Basement contains a Landry unit, Washer and dryer that is free to use for the Building.

Each unit gets 2 Scheduled days a week to use the space.

Seventh day units are down for maintenance, and Testing.