Remote. enable. accounting. credit. terminal.

Working prototype

React is a software and hardware solution designed for wireless accounting of skill games, arcade games, and vending machines.

Customers are provided a web portal for login to generate reports, and view up-to the minute access and usage logs.

Example of web UI

System is able to detect and log:

  • Bill acceptor/dispencer cash box removal/insertion
  • Door open/close
  • Coin in/out
  • Temperature
  • Off time
  • Power state
  • Usage times and service
  • System voltage
  • React unit Tamper
  • Website logins and modifications

Web UI is able to help with preforming of audits and generation of usage reports for both owners and employees.

Example of a report for machine #9 Positive values are bills inserted, while negative values may be cash outs or transfers
Each device has sub selections that show how the machine was preforming

Then location owners, accountants, and employees can log into the website: to view the information.

Back-end of the system is written with PHP and uses standard AES-256 to encrypt all communications to and from the server.

Each unit is provided a API key, that gives them access to the server. These are generated in house and provided to the customer as a “licence”

Each unit has a UPS built in, Which cleans the input power to the units up and ensures optimum performance. Internal LI-Ion battery’s provides power to the REACT device for up-to 3 hours, in case of a power loss.

In case of power loss to network, each unit has a built in memory module that is capable of logging thousands of transactions and equipment events that will be synced with the remote client when network is re-established.

Systems also have a Tamper protect, to prevent modification of the units while in operation.

Backed server holds information for 1 month of audits (4 weekly audits), afterwords data its scrubbed from the server, packaged into a AES-256 encrypted SQL file. And then sent to a location of the customers choosing, Keys and file location are emailed to the owner.

Software and hardware prototypes were all designed and built by me.


Project status: Suspended.

Nearly completed, maybe one day I might pick this back up. but its nearly done. I am willing to sell the whole project. Just don’t have time for it anymore. Would include all my documentation, Development files. Firmware. Website docker file. config scripts. manuals and the prototype in the box.

Contact: for inquiry’s

If i got enough to pay off my student loans. Id sell it in a heartbeat. So keep that in mind.