New Idea for internet


  • Bitcoin:
    • Used loosely, not actual bitcoin, but the concept of it. Think tissue to Kleenex.
  • Pwallet
    •  This is a persons Private wallet for there coins.
  • TWallet
    • this is a temporary wallet created for a session, and is loaded from a Pwallet
  • ICO (Initial coin offering) This is the initial transfer of coins between a site and a user.
  • Parley: A route to a website, these are paid incrementally for layers of node to source,
  • TSN (Traffic service node) see TSN
  • TOR (The Onion Router)
  • HT (honor ticket) tickets given out between TSN see HT
  • LDP: Layered data packet


These are Similar to TOR nodes, these nodes buy data from a source when connected to, these are Bought with that hosts HT. This packet of data is then decrypted with the hosts private key, Inside is a LDP. The host collects there reward from the packet and then sells the next layer to the address contained within the LDP. This sale may yield either HT or a few satoshi.


A layered data packet is similar in use the ones used by TOR. Each layer of the packet is encrypted with a TSN’s public key, Inside is:

  • A data Blob. This may be another layer of the actual payload. This is unknown to the processing TSN
  • A HT reward, this is the reward given to the TSN unwrapping the packet.
  • An action, this may be another Address to pass to, or this may be the signal to decrypt the blob using the TSN’s public key.

You buy a persons coins, in exchange for processing power, or votes.

Ads use a proof of work concept. Where there are established algorithms for work, and data with an image, is fed to a user. From the server.

Websites have there own Blockchain, and Bitcoin system. This is controlled by the website, and may be used to handle transactions.

Coins are used for page downloads, and for functions on the site itself. Coins may then be traded among other entities or sites, for services or goods.

Your browser itself has multiple wallets, These wallets are for each website you visit.

Traffic to the site uses TOR like protocols with Bitcoin Added in.  When a packet is ready to be sent to a server, a few satoshi of a coin are added to each layer of onion packet, with each hop in the link giving authorization to the last to take the coin as payment for packet transfer.

Transfer service nodes, Like tor, you can op to become an onion route, by Creating a transfer Protocol node. Protocol nodes need a wallet address, and a Public private keypair.

Packet Transfer example:

      Establish a new wallet for the network session, this wallet is valid for 1 Week. Afterword’s its pruned.

      From your private wallet, add 100 satoshi to it.

      Establish a route by picking 3 Nodes on the Service at random. These service nodes give out a public key for there encryption.

Using HT for voting rights, a person trades in all the HT they have acquired at the end of a cycle for a few satoshi. These HT are then used by the network to determine who gets elected to be an endpoint.

New TSN are selected for entry points, and are setup to have the possibly to make money.

Older TSN who have had there votes cast far and wide, are selected to be the exit nodes.

You can have any number of hops in your link, however as this number increases, so does your cost.

Need to find a way for TSN’s to want a HIGHLY varied list of data. Possibly some sort of Honor return mechanic?

Advertisers give data to websites to process, in return websites distribute this data out to there peers. These can be compressed image ads, data to process in a swarm, ext. Promote the advertisers to be mining pool distributers.

Websites give out the template for a page, where data can go, then when they receive data from the server, they have to process it as a proof of work, some data packs contain data the advertisers wanted processed, some of it turns into content for the website. Each is passed in order to the client. This makes the client need to process the data chunks on the page to view the content, and request more from the server to view it.