Disaster Relief Machine

Can be dropped from a cargo plane in the event of a disaster,

Contains water, medical supplies, blankets, MRE food, ext.

Machine uses fingerprint or facial registration, to ration supplies.

Machine contains cameras to survey the damage and people around.

Can contain a satellite uplink, to share a Wi-Fi connection, to allow people to contact there friends and loved ones.

Also contains a ration-able phone line, for calling of immediate support or contacting of loved ones.

Solar powered.

Mesh network with other nearby machines, to for long range wireless networks for first responders.

Makes loud beeping noises. To be locatable by survivors.

Meant to be dropped into emergency situations, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, ext.

After emergency’s, can be picked up in trucks, and returned to warehouses to be restocked and refurbished.