Remote enable accounting credit terminal


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Back end is custom written PHP. With API linkages

Hardware designed Using EasyEDA, went through… About 7 Revisions before working prototype.

Original pre-prototype was soldered together arduino kits.

Basically the design goal, was to create a low cost device that could fit into Skill game machines and record: ins/outs, Temperature, Voltage & Amperage, Usage time, When opened. Then wirelessly transfer that information, securely to a server for accounting and management.

Then location owners, and accountants could log into the website: to view the information.

Back-end of the system uses standard AES-256 to encrypt all communications, as well as a Rolling key system, to prevent multi-casting.

Each unit is provided a API key, that gives them access to the server.

Each unit has a UPS built in, Which cleans the input power to the units up and ensures optimum performance. 18650 cell provides power to the unit for up-to 3 hours, in case of a power loss.

Systems also have a Tamper protect, to prevent modification of the units while in operation.

Units also have a back up SD card slot, where communications are stored encrypted until a response is received from the server regarding whether that transaction was successfully received.

Backed server holds information for 1 month of audits (4 weekly audits), afterwords data its scrubbed form the server, packaged into a AES-256 encrypted SQL file. And then sent to a server in a foreign country, one specifically not part of the 5 eyes. Keys and file location are emailed to the owner of the establishment, then data is scrubbed.

Software and hardware were all designed and prototyped by me. Then units where also manufactured by me.

Project status: Suspended. New legislation in Ohio made it impossible to market.